Power Generation Services

Industrial Services

Vericor can supply a full range of services to our industrial clients starting with project evaluation through full construction and maintenance services.

As part of the project evaluation Vericor will review the operational and process parametrics, rate structures, power generation or cogeneration options, and provide our customers with a conceptual plant description and corresponding economics.

Upon approval and commitment to proceed with the project, Vericor will assemble a team of industry experts to provide a firm project proposal including plant design information, savings, etc. This team may include companies who specialize in providing EPC services, financing services, fuel supply services, etc.


Project Execution Services

With the award of the project, Vericor can provide full project execution services including project management, plant design, procurement, shipment of equipment, site preparation, erection of the equipment, interconnection of the plant to the existing facility, commissioning of the plant, and training of customer’s operation and maintenance personnel. All these services are provided with the intent of minimizing interruption of the customer’s daily operations and providing a single source of responsibility for our customers.

Long Term Maintenance Services

Vericor provides a full range of maintenance agreement options to maximize use of existing capabilities while minimizing the overall maintenance costs for the life of the project.

Onsite Power

ASE Gas Turbines
VPS Series Gensets (PDF)