Vericor Power Systems’ Recent Success in China

September 27, 2016 / Alpharetta, Georgia

Vericor Power Systems completed this month a comprehensive analysis of the market conditions in China, visiting with different Customers and potential partners in several different provinces of China.

According to Vericor’s President and CEO, Mr. Richard Clinton, the market is very interested in the gas turbine driven power solutions that Vericor offers and the power range for these solutions. There are various Chinese companies looking at different ways to cooperate with Vericor, all with the goal of bringing Vericor’s powerful, reliable, and light weight power generation, CHP, CCHP and mechanical drive solutions to China.

Another great advantage of Vericor’s power solutions is the versatility of their gas turbine fuel systems that interested several customers contacted. According to Mr. Clinton, “We achieved our objectives with this trip. We were able to assess the market’s interest in our products and start a positive dialog for building relationships with prospective Customers and partners in China, while also bringing home signed agreements!