Houston, Texas, July 2, 2024/ -- We are excited to announce that our new 4 MW Vericor gas turbine-powered mobile generators are in the final stages of completion and are scheduled to begin acceptance testing in early July.

These modular trailer units, designed based on over 350,000 operating hours in the most challenging oilfield conditions, offer the most compact footprint and fastest deployment in this power range. The units feature fuel-flexible TF50F Vericor gas turbines, capable of operating on a wide range of natural gases, including field gas, CNG, and LNG.

With reliability, fuel flexibility, lower emissions and noise compared to reciprocating engines, low maintenance frequency, and reduced capital and life cycle costs (approximately 50% savings compared to comparable reciprocating engines), this product represents a step change in mobile power generation, offering exceptional versatility and competitiveness.

Five units providing a total of 20 MW capacity will be available for delivery in Q3. We can also provide additional capacity to meet short-term demands for mobile or permanent power generation needs.

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