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Partnering with Our Suppliers

Providing high quality, reliable gas turbine solutions at a low cost to our customers is central to Vericor’s vision as a gas turbine OEM.  To us, that means both a low acquisition cost and a low life cycle cost.

Vericor believes that the best way to get value from our supply chain is through partnerships with strategic suppliers that share our vison and values, treating these partners fairly, and committing to Long Term Agreements with them that offer incentives for cost reduction initiatives.  Over our 20+ years in business, Vericor has established an elite portfolio of suppliers around the globe that vary in size and manufacturing capabilities, but all of whom are dedicated to delivering the highest quality components at a fair value.

Keeping Maintenance Costs Low

At Vericor, we want our customers to have peace of mind that their gas turbine systems are operating reliably and at peak efficiency.  Using Vericor’s leading edge remote monitoring system, we are able to monitor system performance and keep an eye on the health and functionality of our installed fleet.  Tracking trends, we can proactively anticipate problems before they turn into costly maintenance events.  Vericor’s highly skilled and certified field service technicians can be dispatched at a moment’s notice to perform less costly preventive maintenance, all with a goal of keeping the life cycle cost of our customers’ equipment low. Customers can also monitor system performance on their own, with system performance tracking features and set warning limits to provide peace of mind the the system is operating properly at all times.

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