Whether you’re looking for a marine propulsion gas turbine, a mechanical drive package or a power plant rugged enough for oil field service, Vericor offers flexible standards or customized solutions to meet the individual needs of our customers.

The legacy of Vericors’ Gas Turbines

Vericor Applications

“With the legacy of our gas turbines coming from helicopter applications, we leverage the lightweight and robust design features for use in specific applications including marine, industrial or oil & gas.”
- Dr. - Ing Frank Rick Vice President Engineering


View real-world examples of how Vericor products and solutions have helped organizations save on time, space and overall project costs globally.

Mobile Compression: Gas turbine is successful evacuating natural gas pipeline

About 90% of natural gas previously vented to the atmosphere is recoverable.
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Hydraulic Fracturing: The TF50F gas turbine direct drive system, the next generation of frac solutions

30,000 hours of a 40,000 HHP fleet operation proves the TF50F as the best gas turbine for hydraulic fracturing application.
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Vertical Gas Turbine Pump: Gas turbine provides quick start for flood control

Vericor’s vertical ASE40B Gas Turbine packs 3.0MW of pumping power into a small footprint.
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Mobile Compression: Gas turbine provides effective means to evacuate natural gas pipeline

Recover up to 80% of natural gas in pipeline without venting or maintenance.
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Cogeneration plant: Gas turbine enables continuous power and steam for beverage manufacturer.

Natural gas is converted to useful energy at a fraction compared to grid power.
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Gas Turbines Provide Highly Reliable Heat & Power To Office High Rises

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Co-generation plant: Gas turbine is running over 60,000 hours in a wood manufacturing plant.

Project was made attractive by a 35% tax deductions and end in over 50%operating cost saving and a great reliability.
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Gas Turbine driven Gas Compressor provides decades of reliable power source.

Vericor’s ASE40 Gas Turbine provides 3.0MW of compressor power in a continuous duty application.
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Hydraulic Fracturing: Gas turbine proves successful in shale gas field operations

Gas turbine drives a 4500 hhp pump to provide high flow and pressure in hydraulic fracturing application.
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Propulsion for marine “Airborne” Vessels: when ships fly across the sea

Both Surface Effect Ships and Air Cushion Vehicles use lightweight, high power gas turbines to keep them skimming across the water.
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