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VERICOR POWER SYSTEMS is a global company that manufactures, sells and supports a range of aero-derivative gas turbines, providing customer solutions for marine propulsion, industrial power generation and the oil & gas industry.
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Compact & lightweight 4,000 to 5,600(shp)

Vericor marine propulsion systems provide faster vessel speed, enable greater payloads and deliver more power per square foot of machinery space than comparable diesel solutions. When vessel speed is critical and space is a premium, our marine gas turbines  are the ideal solution.


Oil & Gas applications are located in some of the harshest environments in the world. With over twenty years of service, Vericor’s products have earned a reputation for reliability and durability. The compact size, fuel flexibility and high reliability make it easy to see why Vericor products are sought after, particularly for driving hydraulic fracturing pumps and generating electric power.


Vericor aero-derivative gas turbine solutions are high power density – meaning they generate a large amount of power in a compact, light weight footprint allowing for installation in locations where space is limited. These units can be started and stopped as needed without reduction in life allowing users the flexibility to easily meet varying power requirements. In addition, they can operate on natural gas or liquid fuel.




Vericor Power Systems, LLC main office is located in Alpharetta, GA


Installed Gas Turbines Worldwide


Million Hours of Proven Performance

Greer Facility

Greer Facility is located in Greer, SC

Many Years of Experience

Greer Facility has done assembly and test, maintenance, repair, and overhaul



TF Series Marine Gas Turbine Engines Delivered


Active ASE & TF Series Gas Turbines


Local Success Story | Canada

Mobile Compression

Gas turbine provides effective means to evacuate natural gas pipeline.

Without Venting

Recover up to 80% of natural gas in pipeline for maintenance.



Marine Fleet Engines


Oil & Gas and Industrial Engines



Marine Fleet Engines


Oil & Gas and Industrial Engines


Local Success Story | Japan

ASE40V Vertical Gas Turbine

Turbine provides quick-start, reliable power to flood control pump with limited floor space.

Pumping Power in a Small Footprint

High power pumping with variable speeds, capable of emptying a pool in less than 4 seconds.


Local Success Story | Pakistan

Gas Turbine Driven Gas Compressor

GT has provided decades of reliable power source.

Continuous Duty Application

High power compression operating with high availability.


Local Success Story | China

Hydraulic Fracturing Application

Gas turbine proves successful in shale gas field operations.

Pump Driven by Gas Turbine

Providing high flow and pressure using wellhead gas.


Local Success Story | Sweden

Twin TF Gas Turbine Package

Provide 10,000 hp of ship propulsion power in a small machinery space while maintaining lightest possible weight.

The Solution for High Performance

Lightest power to weight package means speed requirements met in fast ferries, naval ships and megayachts. With the added flexibility of single or twin engine operation.


Local Success Story | Korea

Propulsion for Marine “Airborne” Vessels

Korean Air Cushion Vehicles use lightweight, high power gas turbines to keep them skimming across the water.

Ships Fly Across the Sea

A propulsion and lift system allows a vessel to “rise above the sea” to reduce drag and increase speed.

Genuine OEM

OEM Manufactured
Vericor Power Systems is the Original Equipment Manufacturer for both the TF Series and ASE Series gas turbine.

Aftermarket Support

100% On Time Delivery
On time engine repair delivery for the past 5 years. Vericor provides immediate, high quality, field service support for all planned and unplanned maintenance events.

Committed To Quality

94% Customer Satisfaction
Vericor holds the highest quality standards which are visible in our products, services and customer communications.
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