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Comprehensive Products & Flexible Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a marine propulsion gas turbine, a mechanical drive package or a powerplant rugged enough for oil field service, Vericor offers comprehensive and flexible solutions to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our integrated approach provides proven products, services, customer support and around the clock customer service.

The TF40, ASE40, ETF40B, TF50, and ASE50 gas turbines have a rich history beginning with Avco Lycoming, acquired by AlliedSignal and now brought to market by Vericor. There are hundreds of aeroderivative TF and ASE gas turbines in service around the world today.

The compact, modular design of the engines allows for a minimum installation volume and a lightweight overall package. Replacement of engine modules in the field results in a minimum of downtime and expense.

Vericor gas turbine maintenance is on condition and is tailored to each application. At no point is a complete overhaul mandated. This keeps operating costs low by allowing operators to replace components at regular inspection intervals, eliminating the need to return the engine to the maintenance depot.