The US Navy has ordered eight additional ETF40B engines from Vericor Power Systems bringing the total to sixteen for their FY2013 LCAC Service Life Extension Program requirements. Vericor’s ETF40B engine delivers roughly 20% more power than the engine it replaces on the LCAC allowing improved hot day performance and increased payload as well as lower life cycle cost.


Ben Mahr, President and CEO said “We are very happy to receive this additional order – it shows the US Navy’s confidence in Vericor for this mission critical craft. We recognize the importance of delivering a quality product on time, year after year, to support the SLEP program and we are privileged to be a partner with the US Navy.”


“The LCAC is one the toughest applications for a marine gas turbine in any navy and we are proud of how our ETF40B engine performs day in and day out” says Richard Clinton, Vericor VP of Sales and Aftermarket .

The SLEP version of the LCAC extends its service life from 20 to 30 years, providing the US Navy with ship to shore lift capability that is essential not only in assault scenarios but also disaster relief and humanitarian assistance missions. The Vericor supplied engines drive a unique system that provides both lift of the hovercraft above the water surface as well as propulsion. The ETF40B engine is uniquely qualified for this role due to its compact size and rugged marine pedigree.


Vericor TF and ASE gas turbines provide reliable power around the world from sea spray drenched naval applications to sun scorched desert installations.