VPS Series Packages for Mechanical Drive

Greater power, higher efficiency and availability and rugged design are key issues for mechanical drive markets.

With more than 15 million hours of proven performance, the cornerstones of our VPS Series packages are the compact, rugged, and reliable ASE Series aero-derivative gas turbines. Space and weight are at a premium in some mechanical drive applications, and the VPS Series packages have the smallest footprint and highest installed power to weight ratio in their class. This means that VPS Series twin-shaft mechanical drive packages are well suited for centrifugal pump and compressor applications onshore and offshore.

Our packages are designed for reliability, efficiency and simplified installation. The proven design incorporates a simple cantilever mounting of the ASE Series gas turbine to the speed reduction gearbox. The close-coupled design of the VPS Series packages minimizes the footprint and eliminates alignment concerns between the gas turbine and gearbox.