Technical Publications

Vericor Power Systems has developed and continually maintains a comprehensive set of technical publications that provide installation, operation, servicing and maintenance instructions required to effectively support Vericor products in the field.  The owners/operators of these products are encouraged to adhere to the procedures detailed in the technical publications ensuring safe and continued operation of the products.  The Engine Inspection/Check section of the technical manuals defines rotating component retirement life limits (time/cycle limits), based upon both engine operating hours and/or engine operating cycles.

The technical manual, as is supplemented by Vericor Power Systems Service Bulletins and Service Letters, constitutes the authoritative statement of approved and recommended maintenance procedures for the engines supplied.  Service Bulletins are issued as required to provide information and/or instructions to owners/operators and repair centers for such items as special inspections, modifications of engines or parts, and to introduce new alternative parts to the field.  Service Letters are issued as required to advise operators of changes to maintenance procedures and to highlight information that will enhance engine maintenance or operation.