VERICOR POWER SYSTEMS is pleased to announce the successful field testing of a TF50F gas turbine powering a 4500HHP fracturing pump. The Vericor TF50F gas turbine, specifically designed for the fracturing application, demonstrated the ability to drive the stimulation pump and do so in conjunction with a conventional diesel engine equipment spread. Richard Clinton, Vericor President and CEO says "This achievement clearly validates the TF50F's ability to dramatically reduce the cost and environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing. This is a true game changer."

The 5000 HP TF50F gas turbine reduces the number of trucks at a well site by up to 50 percent. Its ability to burn 100% well head gas eliminates the need for diesel fuel to be trucked to the well site. And, the TF50F's free power turbine design eliminates the need for a transmission. These innovations result in smaller well pads, dramatic fuel savings and fewer personnel.