The Board of Directors of Vericor Power System's parent company Kanaci Technologies announced that effective immediately, Warren Zemlak has been appointed President & Chief Executive Officer of Vericor Power Systems.

Warren has been founding member of Kanaci Technologies and its subsidiary BJ Energy Solutions, since 2020. He currently serves of Kanaci' s Board of Directors and remains the President of Kanaci Technologies and President & Chief Executive Officer of BJ Energy Solutions.

Beginning in 1989, Warren had a 21-year career with Schlumberger progressing through multiple operational and leadership positions. His last two assignments were as the Senior Vice President of Production Services in Russia and Vice President of North America Pressure Pumping. Between 2011 and 2020, Warren held top executive positions at Sanjel Corporation and Allied Energy before joining BJ Services in 2017.

With over 34 years of experience, Warren has demonstrated leadership and expertise across operations, technology development, and manufacturing. Warren was previously a Director-at-Large and currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Energy Workforce and Technology Council, which represents more than 600 member companies as a unified voice for energy technology and services industries, which advocates for and supports continued achievements in job creation, technological innovation, and economic stability.

Under the new leadership, Vericor will continue to evolve its technology solutions which most benefit our customers and strengthen our relationships with our valued partners. We are excited about the opportunity to create new synergies under the Kanaci Technologies group with a focus on enhancing our turbine technology offerings across the defense & civil marine propulsion, energy, and power generation markets.