Houston, Texas, Feb. 20, 2024/ -- We take great pride in our partnership with the US Navy LCAC program, powered by Vericor engines.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed members of the US Navy for honoring us with their recent visit to the Vericor manufacturing plant in Greer, SC. Their presence allowed them firsthand experience of witnessing one of the engines in action, crucial to the LCAC program.

This visit served as a remarkable opportunity to fortify the bond between our teams, gain insights into the evolving needs of the US Navy, showcase Vericor's capabilities, and highlight the latest technical advancements incorporated into our engines, aimed at enhancing performance and reliability.

We express our sincere appreciation to the US Navy for their unwavering trust in our products and services. We eagerly anticipate many more years of dedicated service, characterized by quality, efficiency, and our enduring commitment to excellence.

Vericor Power Systems Company Contact:

Ernesto Bautista III
Chief Financial Officer