Vericor Power Systems LLC has been awarded a firm fixed-price contract for the manufacture, testing and delivery of up to 34 ETF40B marine gas turbine engines and overhaul of related hardware for the US Navy‘s FY2010/2011 Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) Service Life Extension Program (SLEP).

The LCAC is an amphibious vehicle that operates in an environment that is unique in the naval fleet. The engines are exposed to sand and salt spray beyond any surface ship or aircraft operating environment. This environment requires a true marine design to deliver reliable power. “It’s hard to imagine an off-the-shelf aircraft engine lasting very long in this environment without substantial changes” states Rick Clinton, Vice President of Operations for Vericor. “The ETF40B along with its predecessor, the TF40B, have been operating on this craft, in this environment, for over 25 years. To this day we continue to improve components, materials and coatings for this application.”

For the US Navy’s new Ship-to-Shore Connector (SSC) program, Vericor is offering an upgrade to the current ETF40B. The TF60B engine builds on the continuous improvements made to the successful marine TF40B/ETF40B engines, making it the clear choice for the SSC program.

For ease of maintenance the TF60B’s power-producer is mounted to a heavy duty marine inlet module on the craft. This design is unique and provides a sturdy engine mount that eliminates major alignment and maintenance issues as proven on the LCAC.

The degree of commonality between the ETF40B engine and the TF60B engine will pay dividends to the US Navy by reducing Total Ownership Costs as the SSC is gradually phased into the fleet. Further, the US Navy’s high degree of familiarity with the TF40B/ETF40B engines is fully transferable to the TF60B engine.

The TF60B engine test schedule continues with performance testing at Naval Air Station Patuxent River this spring.

About Vericor
Vericor is an MTU Aero Engines Company based in Alpharetta, Georgia USA. Vericor is the OEM for TF and ASE series aeroderivitive gas turbines which are designed specifically for the marine and industrial environment.