Center Boost Package to Deliver 50 Knots on Pershing 115

Pershing 115

VERICOR POWER SYSTEMS announced the sale of two center-boost packages to its Italian distributor Diesel Center today. These orders represent the first engines sold to Diesel Center since the relationship was announced at the Genoa Boat Show last month.


Both packages will feature Vericor’s TF50 marine gas turbine rated at 4,176kW (5600 shp), a new design, lightweight ZF main reduction gear and Vericor’s new Integrated Boost Control (IBC) that combines engine, gear and LOP controls into a single PLC.


One of the packages will be installed in the second turbine-power Pershing 115. Ferretti Groups Pershing S.p.a. builds high performance open cruisers and its Pershing 115 maxi yacht is the flagship of the division. The second Vericor package is destined to repower an existing yacht by replacing a diesel propulsion system with a center-boost TF50 that will delivery an additional 14 knots in the same footprint.


Both engines will be delivered early 2007.


About Diesel Center
Diesel Center, based is La Spezia, is a distributor of diesel marine engines, propulsion and control systems, reversers, reducers, generators and batteries.


About Vericor
Vericor is an MTU Aero Engines Company based in Alpharetta, Georgia USA. Vericor is the OEM for the TF and ASE series aeroderivative gas turbines, and supplies systems and related services for marine, oil and gas and power generation customers.