Innovative production concept delivers quality engine to customers


Vericor Power Systems announced it is partnering with Standard Aero Energy to produce its TF Series and ASE Series gas turbine engines. Standard Aero Energy will assemble and test Vericor’s TF™40/TF™50 and ASE™40/ASE™50 3-5 MW rated aeroderivative gas turbines for marine propulsion, power generation, and mechanical drive packages. The 5-year program will be conducted at Winnipeg Standard Aero Energy. The facility has begun preparations for full production of the TF Series and ASE Series engines in spring 2005.


The partnership between Standard Aero Energy and Vericor will leverage the strengths of each company to provide highly reliable, quality engines. Michael Luz, Director Engineering & Procurement, Vericor Power Systems commented that, “ Outsourcing of assembly and test was an innovative concept for a gas turbine OEM. However, by partnering with Standard Aero Energy, it enables us to deliver quality, products while also maintaining our responsive, flexible and customer focused organization. And because Standard Aero Energy already has the expertise and infrastructure, cost objectives can be met as well”.


Gord Pettigrew, Vice President, Standard Aero Energy stated, “We are very pleased to be working in partnership with Vericor Power Systems, one of the key suppliers of gas turbines to the marine marketplace. It will give us the opportunity to combine our service capabilities and expertise with Vericor’s quality propulsion and power generation engines to deliver one of the most reliable products in the marketplace.”