Vericor Power Systems announced that it will supply Hanjin Heavy Industries with ETF40B aero-derivative marine gas turbines to power the Republic of Korea Navy’s LSF-II hovercraft. South Korea-based Hanjin Heavy Industries will design and build this next-generation craft at its Busan shipyard. “We are delighted that the Republic of Korea Navy has chosen the ETF40B for its LSF-II hovercraft program,” said Tom Bray, president and CEO of Vericor Power Systems.


Prior to the order with Hanjin, the ETF40B was built exclusively for the United States Navy as part of the Service Life Extension Program (“SLEP”) for its fleet of Landing Craft Air Cushion – or LCAC’s. Under SLEP, major structural improvements and upgrades, including the use of the ETF40B – a more powerful version of Vericor’s TF40, will add 10 years to the service life of each LCAC, extending it to 30 years.


According to Bray, “The LCAC’s experience, combined with the TF Series’ reliability, minimum installed weight and compact size were key factors in the ETF40B’s selection for the LSF-II program.”


For the contract with Hanjin, Vericor will supply eight ETF40B gas turbines to power the initial two LSF-II hovercraft. Each hovercraft will use four gas turbines, each rated at 4,745 horsepower (at 100oF) with deliveries beginning in 2006.