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Vericor is an international company that manufactures, sells and supports aero-derivative gas turbines for marine propulsion, mechanical drive and power generation applications.

We are dedicated to being responsive, flexible and customer focused while providing quality, cost-effective solutions and services.

What's New

Vericor was successful recently in demonstrating hydraulic fracturing with a TF50F gas turbine equipped with a dual fuel system. The Vericor TF50F is specially configured to allow oil field operators to operate fracing pump trucks or mobile genset trucks on either liquid diesel or natural gas type fuels, with the added feature of being able to switch fuels while operating. The test also verified the smooth operation of the gas turbine powered pump truck at 4500 hhp, generating 11,000 psi and flowing over 1450 gpm. The turbine frac rig operated in tandem with conventional diesel rigs verifying that the two power types are compatible in the frac spread with no special technique or process changes. The 4500 HHP truck is no larger than a diesel powered 2250 HP truck which will result in ~ 50% fewer trucks required on a given spread.