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New Control Units Enter Service with Japanese Naval Fleet

Vericor Power Systems has upgraded three Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) LCAC craft with new and improved Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC) engine control units bring...

Vericor Brings TF50F Gas Turbine to Offshore Technology Conference

On the Vericor Power Systems stand at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston this week will be a display version of the TF Series gas turbine, specifically aimed at the O&G market for ...

The Use of Well Head Gas as a Fuel for Fracing and Power Generation

One of the principle costs and logistical challenges facing well service operators at a well site is the provision of fuel for the engines driving the equipment. In fact, fuel costs can account f...

Vericor Awarded US Navy Contract for ETF40B Marine Gas Turbine Engines

The US Navy has awarded Vericor Power Systems a contract to produce an additional 24 ETF40B marine gas turbine propulsion engines for the Landing Craft Air Cushion Service Life Extension Program....

Field Testing of a Gas Turbine Frac Pump Package

Thorough Testing is the Key to Customer Satisfactionin Gas Turbine Frac Equipment   With the push to incorporate gas turbine usage into hydraulic fracturing applications, a testing program evalu...

Tech Talk from Vericor: Gas Turbines in Cogeneration

Cogeneration is an attractive energy producing alternative to grid power when the facility also requires heat for the process being performed. Using gas turbines as the prime mover to generate el...



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