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Vertical Gas Turbines: Easy as Standing on Your Head

Standing on your head may not actually be easy but standing a 4000 hp gas turbine on its head and running it is easier than you might think. At least for Vericor and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries...

Vericor Operator Conference

In September Vericor held its annual Operator Conference and Customer Appreciation Day for commercial marine customers and operators. This year the conference returned to Cannes, France a locatio...

More ETF40B Engines for the LCAC Fleet

Vericor Power Systems has been awarded a contract to deliver the next tranche of marine gas turbines for the US Navy's LCAC Service Life Extension Program. Under this program, the US Navy is upgr...

Vericor Gas Turbines Go Green, LCAC Goes Fast

Last month the US Navy successfully operated an LCAC craft on a 50/50 mix of algae based fuel and conventional marine diesel. And just to ensure that folks were paying attention, they went and br...

Vericor Delivers For The US Navy

 Vericor Power Systems LLC has been awarded a firm fixed-price contract for the manufacture, testing and delivery of up to 34 ETF40B marine gas turbine engines and overhaul of related hardwa...

Vericor Receives Another Contract for LCAC Engines

FY '08 and FY '09 options included Vericor Power Systems, LLC, Alpharetta, GA, has been awarded a $20.5m contract for the manufacture, testing and delivery of 16 ETF40B marine gas turbine engines...



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