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Successful Field Test of 4500hp Frac Pump

VERICOR POWER SYSTEMS is pleased to announce the successful field testing of a TF50F gas turbine powering a 4500HHP fracturing pump. The Vericor TF50F gas turbine, specifically designed for the f...

Vericor Launches TF50F Oil Field Gas Turbine

VERICOR POWER SYSTEMS announced today a new version of the TF Series gas turbine specifically developed for hydraulic fracturing applications. Rated at 5,000 hp, the TF50F combines features and b...

Vericor Engine Operators Enjoy 2014 Conference

In October, Vericor held its semi-annual Operator Conference and Customer Appreciation Day for commercial marine customers and operators. This year the conference was held for the first time in A...

Richard Clinton Appointed President and CEO

Richard Clinton has been named to fill the position of President and CEO of Vericor Power Systems LLC effective June 1, 2014. Mr. Clinton will be replacing Ben Mahr who has recently been promoted...

Navy Increases ETF40B Engine Order

The US Navy has ordered eight additional ETF40B engines from Vericor Power Systems bringing the total to sixteen for their FY2013 LCAC Service Life Extension Program requirements. Vericor’s ETF...

Vertical Gas Turbines: Easy as Standing on Your Head

Standing on your head may not actually be easy but standing a 4000 hp gas turbine on its head and running it is easier than you might think. At least for Vericor and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries...



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