Responsive, Customer Focused & Flexible

Our Mission

In partnership with our customers, Vericor’s mission is to deliver optimum aero-derivative, gas turbine-based power solutions and related services for marine propulsion, mechanical drive and electrical power generation applications. Vericor is dedicated to being responsive, flexible and customer focused while providing quality, cost-effective solutions and services.

World-Class Products & Technology

Vericor Power Systems is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the TF Series and ASE Series gas turbine engines. Our gas turbine solutions offer both cost-efficiency and optimum performance to deliver the speed required for marine applications, rugged reliability for offshore applications and operational efficiency needed in industrial applications. Our solutions include:

Marine Propulsion

  • TF Series Gas Turbines:
    • TF40
    • TF50
    • ETF40B
  • Packaged Solutions

Marine Power Generation

  • Packaged Solutions

Industrial Cogeneration & Power Generation

  • ASE Series Gas Turbines:
    • ASE40
    • ASE50B
  • VPS Series Gensets

Oil &Gas Mechanical Drive

  • TF and ASE Gas Turbines
    • ASE40
    • ASE50B
    • TF50F
  • VPS Series Mechanical Drive Packages