24 ETF40B marine gas turbines to be delivered over next 21 months

VERICOR POWER SYSTEMS, was awarded a $29.6M order that was an option to a previously awarded contract for the manufacture, testing and delivery of 24 ETF40B marine gas turbine engines for the Landing Craft-Air Cushion (LCAC) Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) fiscal year 2007 requirements.

The SLEP program will extend the useful life of the LCAC fleet from 20 to 30 years while reducing operating costs and improving performance. Besides main engine upgrades, the SLEP program includes installation of a new skirt system, hull and fuel system modifications and communication/navigation systems upgrades.

Each LCAC was originally outfitted with 4 TF40B turbines, providing both propulsion and lift through an integrated drive train. The ETF40B engine generates over 15% more power, along with better fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance.

Work will be performed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and is expected to be completed by November 2008.

About Vericor
Vericor is an MTU Aero Engines Company based in Alpharetta, Georgia USA. Vericor is the OEM for the TF and ASE series aeroderivative gas turbines, and supplies systems and related services for marine, oil and gas and power generation customers.