Marine Engineering Services

Vericor Power Systems is available to answer questions regarding the marine propulsion system output, size, weight, reduction gear requirements and other installation considerations including:

  • Gas Turbine/Reduction Gear Configuration using 3D CAD modeling to optimize the gas turbine and reduction gear configuration for specific vessel requirements.
  • Shock Load and Vibration Analysis and evaluation of the propulsion system shock load and vibration characteristics.
  • Air Management System Design/Analysis by conducting 2D or 3D computational fluid dynamic analysis of the inlet air and exhaust system so design recommendations can be provided and system performance and reliability optimized.
  • Torsional Analysis of the complete propulsion system drive train to insure safe and reliable operation.
  • Thermal Analysis and evaluation of propulsion system thermal characteristics including heat rejection rate, surface temperature profile, and engine space cooling requirements.
  • Acoustics management design recommendations based on analytical and historical engine test data.
  • Control and Monitoring System Integration to assist with the complete integration of the gas turbine control and monitoring system with the ship systems.