TF Operators from across Europe attend day-long educational event



Vericor’s first annual TF Operator Conference held October 4th near Cannes France was a big success. More than seventeen TF Operators including Captains and Chief Engineers from some of the most elite yachts in Europe participated in this first annual day long event.



The conference was held at service partner MTU France’s Côte d' Azur facility in Mandelieu, France. Sessions included hands-on training and education about Vericor, TF Series engines and MTU France service.



“The goals of the TF operator conference were to strengthen the relationship with our customers, educate them about service and teach them how to better utilize their TF Series engine. In fact, the learning was a two-way street. We learned a great deal about how we can better serve our customers in the yacht community,” said Richard Clinton, Director of Operations and Aftermarket Support.



“The routine preventive maintenance and troubleshooting training session taught operators how to improve their engine performance through standard maintenance practices and gave them a chance to get answers to specific questions pertaining to their engine,” explained Bob Vrabel, Trainer.



After the conference, several participants scheduled one-on-one hands-on training on their specific installations.



The second annual TF Operator conference is scheduled for fall 2006, and Vericor plans to build and expand on this year’s success.