Oil & Gas

The Vericor TF50F Oil Field Gas Turbine

The TF50F gas turbine engine is aimed squarely at the fast paced hydraulic fracturing application designed specifically to drive both oil service and fracturing pumps anywhere from 2250 to 5000 hp and also provide power for mobile electric power generation rigs.

The TF50F, together with the smaller TF40F, mark a new family of oil field gas turbines with proven heritage and thousands of hours in industrial, mechanical drive, marine and demanding flight applications.

The TF50F draws from Vericor’s marine and industrial engine product lines, while adding features geared specifically for the oil field pump drive and electric power generation applications. With twenty years of demanding service in the US Navy Landing Craft Air Cushion or LCAC, the TF series engine has earned a reputation for toughness and reliability. These same attributes make the engine ideal for the demanding oil field applications. The compact size of the TF engine is designed to be flange mounted to a reduction gear which results in the smallest overall 5000 hp package available in any form.

With this size and weight advantage, the TF50F is particularly well suited for hydraulic fracturing pump packages and mobile electric power packages. The free turbine design requires only a simple speed reduction gearbox, the complicated transmission associated with diesel engines is eliminated completely. This will contribute to the enhanced reliability of the turbine powered pump package.

To adapt the TF to the rugged oil field application Vericor has made several improvements. The most significant addition is the ability of the engine to operate on both gaseous fuel and liquid fuel and to make the changeover while operating. And, the engine is able to operate 100% on well head gas and meets all EPA Tier 4 emission requirements. These are significant advantages for oil service operators and will contribute to the overall cost savings that can be realized when conducting operations with this engine.

The TF50F is designed to deliver the high torque necessary for hydraulic fracturing. Extensive testing has verified that the power section will deliver the required pumping torque and operational flexibility for not only current 2500 hp pumps, but also for the next generation of larger pumps.

The TF50F engine driving a 5000 hp pump will be a very attractive option as it will reduce the amount of equipment needed for a given frac spread, reducing it by half in most cases. Coupled with the cost savings of running on 100% well head gas ensures that TF50F gas turbine driven frac pumps are expected to quickly begin to capture a large share of the oil field powerplant market.

TF50F Engine Specifications

Rated Power 5000 shaft HP
Weight 1475 lbs
Length 52 in
Width 35 in
Height 41 in
Emissions Below EPA Tier 4 – no methane slip
Fuel Flexibility 100% diesel or 100% natural gas